Archive 131 - 140

Please Note: All episodes contain explicit language and are not recommended for minor audiences. 

Episode 131: A Picture Is Worth Twenty Quarters
Sheree done lost her damn mind...

Episode 132: You've Got Mail
A brand new mailbag episode full of your letters from home.

Episode 133: The Read London
The Read travels to London for our first European show.

Episode 134: The Read Seattle
The Read live show from Seattle.

Episode 135: The Name Game
Raven Hyphen Sigh'Moan is still acting a damn fool.

Episode 136: Anal Training Day
Oprah, Drake, Beyoncé and butt play.

Episode 137: Flick of the Wrist
Bad tattoos, old boobs, and gay porn.

Episode 138: No Shave, No Shade
TLC went to shade jail, Chris Brown put TMZ on blast and The Game set out that peen.

Episode 139: Boonk & Hennessy
Cognac and conversation with Mike and Tay of Dormtainment.