Please Note: All episodes contain explicit language and are not recommended for minor audiences. 

Episode 121: Wack Entertainment
I'm sorry & I forgive you.

Episode 122: Crouching Tyga

Episode 123: With Great Likes Come Great Responsibilities
Chris Brown, Brandy, and Kylie Jenner's TVOne wig. 

Episode 124: Who Started From The Bottom?
A loud and bloody wig-snatching hurricane.

Episode 125: Drunk for Drake
Aubrey for the win.

Episode 126: O_OFest
Drake hops on an owl and soars into the shade heavens as our new Supreme.

Episode 127: Love & Verse-Top
Reality stars are still doing too much.

Episode 128: Difficult Dumbasses
It's a fuckboy frenzy.

Episode 129: Serena & The Hotline Bling

Episode 130: Billy Ray's Burden
Happy birthday, Beyoncé! We're back to discuss Nicki versus Miley, Fake President Kardashian and Paula Deen's Nae-Nae.