Episode 7
"The Scandalous Episode"
Guest: Chescaleigh
Twitter: Chescaleigh

Episode 9
"Love & Kroger Michelle"
Guest: Dustin Ross
Twitter: DustinRossSaid 

Episode 17 
"What's In A Name?"
Guest: Dustin Ross
Twitter: DustinRossSaid 
Episode 19
"Stay Off The Bus"
Guest: Stevie J.
Pass The Read featuring Hey Assante

Episode 22
"Sweet & Meat"
Guest: Chescaleigh
Twitter: Chescaleigh

Episode 30
"My Auntie Jenifer"
Guest: Jenifer Lewis

Episode 32

"Everyday People"
Guest:  Chef Roblé 

Episode 35
Guest: Charlamagne Tha God 

Episode 40
"Trina Appreciation Day"
Guest: Freshalina of Crunk & Disorderly

Episode 42
"Beyonce Holiday Spectacular"
Guests: Chescaleigh, Dustin Ross, Hey Assante

Episode 53
"In My Skin"
Guest: Shaun D. Ross

Episode 61 
"Going Down"
Guest: Dustin Ross

Episode 67 
"None In A Million"
Guest: Mike Brown

Episode 76
"The Green Experiment"
Guests: Dustin RossHey Assante

Episode 97
"Ethnic Showers"
Guests: Jazmine Sullivan

Episode 101
"The Taste You Can See"
Guests: Estelle