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 Anthony R.

Night shift nurse life!
Tori S.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Chasity G.
San Francisco, California, USA

 Alonzo V.
Belle Glade, Florida, USA

At work getting my life for the day. But also passing on the life, got my coworker addicted too lol.
Santia L.
Buffalo, New York, USA

I listen to The Read while I sip my tea :)

Leslie J.
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Enjoying two of my favorite things. The Read and my art. Thanks for the late night laugh Crissle & Kid Fury.

Epiphanie M.
Inkster, Michigan, USA


I'm reading for class, but I need a break between these chapters. Thanks for giving me life! :)

Keisha C.
Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Bonjour from Tunisie! Listening at the office and laughing my ass off  - thank god my office-mate is away on vacation!
Rhoda, M
Tunis, Tunisia 

Derrick E.
Dallas, Texas, USA

Hey guys, been with you since Day 1, love you. Check me out at work.
Tiffany F.
Tampa, Florida, USA

Living for your show every week, with love from England!
Clara A.
London, United Kingdom

Love you guys, I'm a fellow Beyonce stan, and listen to the Read every week.
Chantal R.
New York, New York, USA

Sometimes I get bored at work. 
Zane L.
San Francisco, California USA

Listening to The Read while at my internship. Not giving a honey coated fuck about how long it's taking me. :-)
Melissa R.
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

With love from the Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour!
Ricky M., Terrence H., Leo M.


He sleeps, I listen.
Kim B.
Long Island, New York, USA


Listening to the read while I study for my exam.
Katlo M.
Malaysia (via Botswana)

 Anastasia E.
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Night shift CNA getting her life listening to The Read!!!
Kelly A.
Killeen, Texas, USA

Terri P.
Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies

Listening poolside to the latest read. Thank you for always speaking out against rape culture and especially for standing up for Rachel Jeantel.

 Kenya F.
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA


I love you guys so much!
Summer L.
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Had to get my morning Read! 
Yolanda S
Brooklyn, New York, USA

I'm getting my LIFE from KidFury, Crissle AND Chescaleigh before work :)
Brittany K.
Southfield, Michigan, USA

I looooove your show! I faithfully listen EVERY Thursday and then AGAIN on Sunday mornings when I have time to myself. 

P.S.- I work with 95% Australians and love the fact that I am the official translator when it comes to them understanding what you guys are talking about. Yessssss!!!
Tosha L.
Los Angeles, California, USA

Listening to The Read while relaxing after work and online shopping! -xoxo
Christi J.
Pearl, Mississippi, USA

I listened last week while I was in the park.
Bianca T.
Arequipa, Peru


 Jacques E.
Queens, New York, USA

Listening to The Read at work with my wireless Beats!
Cee S.
California, USA

Preparing for a job interview and relaxing before bed while listening to The Read!
Tyeshea C.
New York, New York, USA


Listening to The Read while doing my late night workout.

Jane A.
Los Angeles, California, USA

It's raining nonstop outside, so I am in listening to every episode of The Read from the beginning...

Tiffany F.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

4 Oklahoma girls listening to The Read on the beach in Santa Monica.

Amanda K., Cooki T., Brittany C., and Ashley E.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Enjoying The Read's interview with Arise Entertainment 360!
Shannaka S.
Jackson, Mississippi, USA


 Kordney G.

I love, love, love your show!  Crissle says everything I wish I could and Kid Fury, you are my cursing role model!  Lawd, I wish I could say bi#$% like you do! I loved the show so much, I had to go back and enjoy the old ones!
Candance G.
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

I just wanted to email you all to let you know that I LOVE and STAN for you all and this show!!
Arielle F. 
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Casi and me (Bridget) listening to the read while playing cards against humanity in New Orleans, Louisiana. Xoxo

 Submitted by Josh
St. Mary's City, Maryland, USA

Listening while doing homework.
Autumn P.
Seattle, Washington, USA 

Listening to The Read on my way to work.
D'Janay O.

Listening to The Read on my lunch break. Nothing's better than sushi + shade. ^_^
Matthew W.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Marchena C.
Houston, Texas, USA

Lajason B.
Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

The Read drowning out the fuckery going on behind me. 
Karen Y.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Me at work doing the mail and cackling all up and through the office.

Joy M.
Chicago, Illinois, USA 

Always ready for my weekly dose!

Nicole W.
Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Shondricka C. 

I'm a massive fan of The Read.
Malachi D.
Birmingham, West Midlands, England

Listening to the latest episode of The Read while enjoying my chicken waffle tenders from Popeyes!
Mario S.
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Always listening to The Read, getting my life and inspiration while I paint. 
Ron M.
Memphis, Tennessee, USA