About Crissle

Crissle West is a writer and the female co-host of hit comedy podcast The Read. Raised in Oklahoma, Crissle moved to NYC in June 2012 in search of neighbors who believe in both gun and birth control. She enjoys spending countless hours watching Beyoncé performances online and pretending that updating her Tumblr is an acceptable substitute for writing.

The Read, a weekly show produced with co-host and friend Kid Fury, covers the latest in entertainment news and has amassed over 115,000 subscribers in less than two years. The Read was featured on iTunes’ Best of 2013 and  2014 Editor's Choice, and the duo has several sold out live shows in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, among many more cities.

Crissle's written work has been published in ESSENCE magazine and she has appeared on panels covering race, gender, and sexuality at NYU, UC - Riverside, Murray State University, and the American Studies Association.

Crissle considers being featured on Beyoncé’s Facebook page to be her greatest achievement. She can be reached at crisslegwest @ gmail.com or via crissle.com.